Agastya helps students achieve their optimal potential by imbibing the core values and building upon the core life skills - setting them up for success right now and in future.

Teacher Student Ratio

Student strength is kept to a maximum of 30 in all classes for more focus and personalized attention to individual needs of students. A ratio of 1:15 will be maintained (1 teacher for every 15 students).

E - Diary

An online portal which is available 24 hours a day keeps parents up to date with their children's activities and progress and in touch with teachers concerned.

Multiple Intelligence Approach

Each child is unique and learns in different ways and pace according to different learning preferences. We at Agastya, use MI approach while teaching by incorporating different activities that appeal to each of the intelligences.

Integrated Curriculum

Subjects are inter-woven and help to develop an overall picture of the world. This compared to isolated subject studies gives much better understanding and logical thinking. Learning to see issues from different points of view enhances decision making and problem solving.

Bridging The Gap

Children make transitions between two learning environment - home and school, also transition between the two sets of educators - parents and teachers. Agastya helps in bridging the gap by involving the parents together with teachers in helping children realize their true potentials.

Digital infrastructure

Embedding technology into learning is a second nature to AIS. Digital classrooms have transformed the delivery of educational content, fostering greater opportunities for learning and teaching by integrating technology along with traditional methods of learning.

Constructive Climate

We, at Agastya aim at creating an environment where each child achieves its personal best through a sense of security, direction, stability and responsibility We inspire young minds by providing an emotionally safe, challenging, supportive atmosphere, variety of experiences : multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-sensorial to help them in becoming independent divergent thinkers.