Know Agastya

Agastya International is a co-educational school established with a view to offering world class educational opportunities in the city of Rohtak.

At AIS, we use the best practices giving the children a wider perspective and impressive range of strength and skills. We provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment where in students develop a genuine love for learning, trying to unleash the limitless potential in them along with imbibing the infinite values and skills needed so that they become successful fragment of 'humanity across the globe.

We are a progressive school attempting to redefine education along the lives of requirements of 21st century skills and attitudes. Our curriculum and teaching methodologies are both innovative and creative to make learning truly memorable, meaningful and fun.

We, at Agastya are constantly striving to build a path for a better education system, developing attitudes towards social wellbeing and giving others wellbeing the same importance as self-wellbeing and it requires team efforts to bring up a resourceful, skillful and intellectual individual who knows how to be happy and make others happy too.

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