Logo Story

Inspired by the five essential elements of life “Panchamabhutas” or “Panchtatva”

To impart infinite values and explore limitless potentials of every child, is the Vision that led to conceptualisation of Agastya International school.

Our logo is an iconographic visualisation of this ambition.

As we all are aware that the entire universe is created by these five elements. These are:

The composition and mix of these elements in each form- animate or inanimate varies, which creates diversity in nature. We, as human beings are also born with the combination of these five elements (tattvas) which help us in assessing our own latent power, inherent natural traits and character building.

All the five elements have unique characteristics and account for different kind of experiences. We, at AIS also believe that each child possesses a unique blend of inclinations and competencies, our learning provides opportunities to identify and explore their potentials.

Earth as body

The Earth element here symbolises the physical body. We connect to the outside world through our body- Sense organs. The five sense organs are Ears, Eyes, Skin, Tongue and Nose, which helps to perceive the five physical attributes of this Universe, which are Sound, Sight, Touch, Taste and Smell.

At AIS, our learning environment is designed in such a way to cater to all these senses to facilitate hands on learning experience.

Water as Mind

Water, the source of life appears in myriad forms which tells us about the basic attribute of water- that it accommodates itself in every conceivable and imaginable shape. Similarly, our human mind is also not solid like body, it changes and flows rapidly between various sense perceptions.

We, at AIS realize this fluid nature of Mind (Mann) thereby helping children to shape their minds by providing them with numerous opportunities to explore and expand their horizons of knowledge.

Fire as Intelligence

Fire is the source of light and energy. Our mind is a constant flux of thoughts but these thoughts are streamlined into logical information pattern by a subtler aspect called Intelligence (Buddhi). Intelligence illuminates the path for the Mind to flow logically.

Agastya helps by igniting children’s curiosity and exploration, thereby giving their thoughts a logical pattern.

Air as Awareness

Air is the most powerful source to sustain life. Only when we are alive, we can feel body, mind and intelligence. That aliveness is known as Awareness. It is the awareness that enlivens the other three elements. Like the Air is needed for fire to burn, Awareness is needed for Intelligence to propel the functioning of Mind and Body.

Agastya helps children in becoming aware of self and the surrounding environment, thereby exploring and channelling the limitless potentials within each child.

Sky/Space as Consciousness

Like everything exists in space, all existence come into “Being due to Consciousness.” Without consciousness nothing can exist and function. Consciousness does not depend on the other four elements, but all the four cannot exist and function without consciousness.Agastya believes in imbibing infinite values to enable children for a purposeful and meaningful living.

Providing a learning environment, where each child is free to be and grow towards realization of his/her highest potential through a harmonious integration of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit is what is Agastya’s Vision and which is conceptualised in its logo.