Equipped Educators

Agastya teachers are equipped with KAS- the right knowledge, attitude and the skills required to ignite the child’s inner curiosity, help them to find their own potentials and giving them confidence to learn.

K- Knowledge of the content, curriculum, children and self.

A- Attitude of care and concern for children, respect for diversity, commitment, and dedication for continuous learning, excellence and innovation.

S- Skills in pedagogy, interpersonal, intrapersonal and administrative management.

Our educators are full of passion and liveliness, they not only grab the student’s attention but keep them on the edge of their seats wanting them to know more.

Our educators are also warm and caring, they understand that each child is unique and make special efforts to cater to the needs of every child. Agastya teachers encourage and mould students in such a way that they feel excited about their abilities and excel with them.

Our faculty strongly imbibes the values and ethos of ‘Agastya School’. By fostering an integrated dynamic approach to learning, mindful of the diverse ‘learning styles’ and ‘multiple intelligences’, educators will help children to find their own reasons to learn.

Learning is a continuous process for Agastya educators. Workshops, trainings, professional development programs are a regular affair. Our teachers undergo experiences and reflect, self-appraise and analyze themselves to innovate and bring out their own uniqueness.